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Ljuba's CV
updated Aug. 2008

Lioubov Miltsova
9 years old
ljuba.miltsova 'at' gmail.com
  • Writing:

- Ishmael the Cat (a novel in progress, 3rd chapter)
- Story for an animation film for Concordia Film School: Long Live the Mutants. August 2007.

- My writing on ballet.

-  Published in the Badger - a children's literature and art journal:

. Brick Town (город  кирпичиков), 2006
. Conversation with Papa, 2003 
. A letter to Santa Claus (новогоднее письмо) 
про меня / about me
Серебряный лев / silver lion
Другие кошки / other cats
Вологда / Vologda
Ралуис / Ralus
Дикие звери / wild animals
Путешествия, даль и луч солнца / wild animals
Котиные ноги / Cat's legs
Поход / Hiking
Рисунки / drawings
Искуство / art

                                                                       Illustrations in the Badger:

. Город кирпичиков 

Illustrated Ljuda Tereshenkova's stories:

. Three horror tales
. A Morning Coffin

  • Internet and web-design:
created and designed by me:

. www.cat-on-the.net
. www.ljuba.miltsov.org

design in:

. www.layla.miltsov.org
. www.travel.miltsov.org
. www.learningmatters.miltsov.org

  •  Science:
- Designed and created the "Ecological Garden Pond Community" - a project on biodiversity in Montreal, summer 2008

- The biodiversity project won the first prize in the Montreal Children's Library Inventors Contest, filmed on Youth TV, Montreal, July 2008

- The biodiversity project won another prize with the Montreal Municipal Greening competition, August 2008

- Visited McGill University Molecular Oncology Group laboratory with Dr. Margarita Souleimanova

- Visited laboratories at Bryn Mawr College, PA and participated in various experiments on Artificial Intelligence under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Kumar and in the end of the year conference on Artificial Intelligence in March 2007

- Participated in the psychology lab on animal behaviour with Dr. Lisa Beck and Dr. Paul Neuman, Bryn Mawr College, PA February 2007

- Visited chemistry, physics and  psychology labs in the spring of 2007

  • Multimedia projects:
- Documentary film in progress: On lemurs, 2008

- Animated collage:

. Photocats
. Photodogs
. Photobirds
. Cat-on-the.net

- Various interviews and short films about Montreal (3 1/2 - 4 1/2 years old)...

- Photographer at 2 years of age

  • Painting:
- Participated in: My Neighbourhood, my Museum exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal in StudiO. July – September 2007

- Portfolio

  • Sculpture:
Summer camp on sculpture at the Ivan Mestrovic museum, Zagreb. Japanese television filmed a documentary on the leading sculptor and the children who participated in the project; July 2007

- Centre Green Summer Dance Camp, August 2008. Scholarship

- Classical ballet with Ora Kozlov, Centre Greene, Montreal. October 2004 - March 2005; and from May 2007 - present. Full scholarship.

- Performed a mouse in the Nutcracker, Ballet Ouest, Montreal. December 2007.

- Performed a Sea Spirit in the Magic Fish, by Gwen Potter, Octorara Ballet School, PA. May 2007.

- Ballet workshops with Jennifer Wheat and Thomas Hanner who had performed with the Denver Civic Ballet, Washington Ballet, and the San Fransisco Ballet.

- Classical ballet with Gwen Potter, Octorara Ballet School, PA. December 2006 - May 2007.

- Contemporary dance atelier with Madeline Cantor, Bryn Mawr College, fall semester 2006.

- Indian Dance workshop with Srikanth N, at the Kala Bharati Dance School, Montreal. August - September 2004.

  • Puppetry:

- I lead workshops for children on recycled, ecological art at the Coop la Maison Verte, Montreal. The autumn 2007 series comprised puppet theatre making, shadow threatre, masks, creating a scenario, mounting a stage, performance.

- Participated in animation workshops at the NFB (National Film Board of Canada), Montreal, including a full day project with a home-schooling group that included directing, voice, recording, among other tricks of animation; 2003 - 2005.

  • Various:

- Travelled extensively in Northern Russia, North America, and Eastern Europe. Visited Italy and Switzerland in 2006: www.travel.miltsov.org

- Computer skills:

   . Advanced knowledge of video and sound editing softwares
   . Intermediate knowledge of HTML
   . NVU Html editor
   . Basic CSS
   . Intermediate knowledge of photoshop CS3
   . MS Office 2008
   . Open Office 2.3
   . Maya 2008 animation programme