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Ljuba's workshops at Coop La Maison Verte
all text written by Ljuba 
© 2007-2008 Ljuba Miltsova
  • Recycled Marionette-making workshop for children (and adults)
- description at Coop La Maison Verte's website
- photos from the event
- marionettes and toys made before this workshop


Today's workshop is on how to make puppets. The whole series of my workshops is titled "the World around Me".

If you want to make something beautiful, for example to draw a unicorn, you, first, have to draw a picture of him in your imagination and then add on the details. You do the same with puppets and actually with anything in art.

To creaet something beautiful, you have to give it your best emotions, creativity, imagination, and your whole soul.

Instructions: I - Making Puppets
про меня / about me
Серебряный лев / silver lion
Другие кошки / other cats
Вологда / Vologda
Ралуис / Ralus
Дикие звери / wild animals
Путешествия, даль и луч солнца
Котиные ноги / Cat's legs
Поход / Hiking
Рисунки / drawings
Искуство / art

You can make anything you like. Here are some examples:

1. All kinds of humans and bipeds
2. All kinds of four-legged creatures, quadrupeds
3. All who are winged

You can make them from anything available around you because art is a part of our world. These materials today, are what I have found. You can find others and feel free to experiment and invent your own.

II Staging a Puppet Play

I'll give you some ideas on how to quickly make a little stage.

The example of a scene that I have for you is titled: "People's excursion to the Forest, where they meet with Animals on a Forest Path".

  • Recycled shadowbox puppet theatre workshop for children of all ages
Friday, 7th December, 2007

- description at Coop La Maison Verte's website
- photos from the event


Art is an important element of life.

Art can be different and there is a variety of implementations of art, for example, I have already worked with marionettes on strings, different objects made from bottles and paper, origami, “finger theater”…

Art can be beautiful, funny, scary, sad, disturbing or it can be a combination of the above. But it is almost always exciting .

Art can be found almost everywhere: on city streets, in museums, inside your home, in books and in your heads.


Today, we will make shadow theatre, which is a combination of several techniques, such as cutting of paper and cardboard, gluing of different materials, setting of light, creating of shadow effects, puppet manipulation skills and more. It is easier to make the scene than to make the marionettes, as in order to create a scene, you will only have to cut the bottom of a cardboard box and then beautify it. And for the rest you need creativity and skill.

I wish you great success in making your own shadow theatre.

  • Recycling mask-making worksop
Friday, 15th February, 2008

- description at Coop La Maison Verte's website
- photos from the event


I noticed that art is at certain moments fun because the boss of my projects is my cat. You can see art in different faces. You can see art everywhere. Do you think dance is not art? In dance you can see moments of art. Or theatre. In theatre actors represent other people and roles of all living creatures, gods, spirits, and mechanic things, for example a robot. Masks and costumes help actors acquire a different face. Historically, in theatre and in dance people used their masks or life animals, for example the Venetian carnival (I was in Venice and I loved their magical masks). I have a project, <<SILVER LION>>, which is based on ballet and we use masks and dance with cats.


1) First, you need to imagine and to make up you character. DON'T think that you can't imagine.
2) Then, you need to have feelings about the character so that they will be reflected on the expression in the mask.
3) Now, you can begin to draw it (if you want), embellish it, and cut it out.
4) Think of how you want to fix it: strings or sticks or elastic band?
5) Now you can re-enact your character and your feelings. You can put on music and invite friends.